Banking Awareness Quiz

1. Which bank’ s name included in Second Schedule of RBI Act, 1934 on 21st May 2014 ?
a) BOB
c) BMB
d) CITI Bank

2. First state cooperative bank to have its own “Ru­Pay” ATM cum Debit Card is ?
a) HP
b) Bihar
c) AP
d) Rajasthan
e) None of these

3. In the context of banking sector, DRT is associated with ?
a) Recurring deposits
b) Demand and time liabilities of banks
c) Deposit insurance
d) Loan recovery
e) None of these

4. Reserve Bank of India has extended the timeline for full implementation of the Basel III Capital regulations by a year to _______ recently.
a) 31st March 2018
b) 31st March 2029
c) 31st March 2019
d) 31st March 2021
e) None of these

5. The debit card holder can perform which of the following functions ?
a) Make Point of Sale (POS) purchase
b) Recharge Pre­paid mobile phones
c) Pay Life Insurance premium
d) Make donation
e) All of the above

6. In which of the following types of banking, the banks offer all types of financial services to expand their business ?
a) Narrow banking
b) Social banking
c) Universal banking
d) Wholesale banking
e) Retail banking

7. Which of the following functions are not being performed by the Reserve Bank of India ?
a) Regulation of banks in India
b) Foreign currency management in India
c) Regulation of foreign direct investment in India
d) Control and supervision of money supply
e) None of these

8. Expand GIRO ?
a) Government Internal Revenue Order
b) Government International Ratio Outcome
c) Government Input Revenue Output
d) Government Internet Revise Order
e) Government Intermediaries Ratio Outcome

9. Which bank became the first state­run lender to allow withdrawal of funds from its ATMs without a debit card ?
a) State Bank of India
b) Bharatiya Mahila Bank
c) Bank of India
d) Andhra Bank
e) Dena Bank

10. The All India Coordinated Cotton Improvement Project (AICCIP) of Indian council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is located at ?
a) Nagpur
b) Bangalore
c) Chennai
d) Coimbatore
e) Nellore