Computer Quiz for IT Specialist officer .

1. Process of finding/ correcting program errors is—
(A) Bugs (B) Debugging
(C) Hacking (D) Cracking
2. Diagnostic routines is a—
(A) Programs used to print error messages
(B) Indicates system problems and improper program instructions.
(C) Both A & B are true
(D) None of these
3. The term DBMS is referred to—
(A) Data Base Management system
(B) The software used for the management, maintenance and retrieval of the data stored in a data base
(C) A & B both true
(D) None of these
4. The speed at which data is transferred from the main memory to another medium on which data are recorded is referred as—
(A) Data transfer rate (B) Byte
(C) Buds (D) None of these

5. The time period during which a computer is malfunctioning or not operating correctly due to machine failures is referred as—
(A) Downtime (B) Uptime
(C) Runtime (D) None of these
6. EBCDIC is—
(A) 6-bit coding system (B) 7-bit coding system
(C) 8-bit coding system (D) 9-bit coding system
7. A data communication facility on which data can be transmitted in two directions is referred as—
(A) Duplex (B) Simplex
(C) Triplex (D) None of these
8. Electronic Mail /Message System (EMMS) is similar or best suits to—
(A) Postal service (B) Telephone service
(C) Telegraph service (D) None of these
9. Digital Computer is a computer—
(A) that works with discrete quantities (B) that works with analog quantities
(C) Both A & B (D) None of these
10. The subdivision of fields—
(A) always done to give the programmer greater flexibility
(B) dependent on programming language used
(C) never accomplished on fields containing numeric data
(D) all the above
11. The primary memory of a personal computer consists—
(A) ROM only (B) RAM only
(C) Both ROM and RAM (D) memory module
12. Microsoft Excel is?
(A) financial planning package (B) electronic spreadsheet
(C) graphics package (D) data-base management package
13. All the keys on the IBM PC keyboard repeat as long as one holds them down. These keys are known as?
(A) typematic keys (B) functional keys
(C) automatic keys (D) alphabetic keys
14. Distributed data processing configuration where all activities passes through a centrally located computer is—
(A) ring network (B) spider network
(C) hierarchical network (D) data control network
15. Communications device, combines transmissions from several devices into on line is ?
(A) concentrator (B) modifier
(C) multiplexer (D) full-duplex line
16. Data communications involving telegraph lines uses—
(A) simplex lines (B) wideband channels
(C) narrowband channels (D) Dialed service
17. A semiconductor memory which allows the eraser of the information stared in it so that new information can be stared in it is referred as—
(C) RAM (D) None of these
18. Extended ASCII uses—
(A) 8 bits for coding (B) 9 bits for coding
(C) 10 bits for coding (D) 11 bits for coding
19. A device used for transmission of images scanned at a transmitting point and duplicated at a receiving point is—
(A) Facsimile (FAX) (B) Telephone
(C) Photocopier (D) None of these
20. A data transmission medium made of tiny threads of glass or plastic that can transmit huge amount of information at the speed of light is—
(A) Fiber optic cable (B) Copper cable
(C) Twisted wire cable (D) None of these