Missing DI Quiz

Directions (Q.1 – 5): Study the table below and answer the given questions.AqEtxSQiOBwy3NYcYZSFin9Ekx9fXTUYqQP6qN3UwDZd

1. If other deductions of P was Rs.4720, what was his net salary?
a) 43500
b) 42500
c) 48000
d) 45000
e) None of these

2. If Q’s total allowance was Rs.3000 more than his basic salary, what was his total allowance?
a) 16400
b) 16000
c) 16200
d) 16600
e) None of these

3. If the ratio of Provident Fund deduction to other deductions of S was 7 : 13, what was S’s other deductions?
a) 2160
b) 2080
c) 2120
d) 2040
e) None of these

4. Basic salary of S is what per cent more than that of R?
a) 100/13%
b) 82/13%
c) 72/13%
d) 98/13%
e) None of these

5. If other deductions of T was 4000, what was his net salary?
a) 32500
b) 31900
c) 32900
d) 31700
e) None of these