Study Notes for SSC CGL

Branches of Biology

Name of the Branch


Agrostology Study of grasses
Allometry Study of relationship of body size to shape, anatomy, physiology and finally behaviour
Anthology Study of Flowers
Anatomy Study of internal structures
Archaeobiology Study of the biology of ancient times through archaeological materials
Biocybernetics Application of Cybernetics to Biological sciences
Bacteriology Study of bacteria
Biophysics Study of Physical aspects of living systems
Biochemistry Study of chemicals constituting the body and chemical reactions
Biotechnology Utilization of living organisms in Industrial Processes
Biogeography Study of the geographic distributions of living organisms.
Cell Biology Study of structure, functions, reproduction, and life cycle of cells
Chronobiology Study of time-dependent phenomena in living organisms.
Ctetology Study of acquired characters of organisms
Craniology Study of Skulls
Cryobiology Study of the effects of low temperatures on living organisms.
Cytology Study of detailed structure of cells
Cardiology Study of hears and its functioning
Dendrology Study of shrubs and trees
Ecology Study of relationships between organism and environment
Eidonomy Study of external appearance of an organism
Endocrinology Study of ductless glands and their hormones
Ethology Study of behaviour of animals
Ethnobiology Study of the way plants and animals are treated or used by different human cultures
Entomology Study of life history of insects
Eugenics Study of science dealing with factors which improve successive generations of human race
Euthenics Science deals with improvement of future of humanity by changing environment
Enzymology Study of enzymes
Embryology Study of development of embryo and its growth and repair
Esthesiology Scientific study of sensation
Floriculture Cultivation of flower yielding plants
Forensic biology Application of Biology to law enforcement
Genetics Study of heredity and variations
Gerontology Study of the social, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging.
Glycobiology Study of the structure, biosynthesis, and biology of saccharides (sugar chains or glycans)
Haematology Study of blood and disease caused by it
Helminthology Study of parasitic worms
Herpatology Study of reptiles
Hydrobiology Science of life and life processes in water
Immunology Study of natural or acquired resistance to specific diseases
Ichthyology Study of fish and its culture
Karyology Study of nucleus
Kinesiology Study of muscle movements
Koniology Study of dust in relation to its effects on health.
Limnology Study of snails
Lipidology Study of lipids
Mastology Study of breasts
Morphology Study of form and structure
Myology Study of muscles
Mycology Study of Fungi
Microbiology Study of microorganisms like bacteria and viruses
Molecular Biology Study of chemicals living at molecular level
Mammalogy Study of mammals
Malacology Study of molluscs and their shells
Mechanobiology Study of interface of Biology and Engineering
Neonatalogy Study of new born up to the age of 2 months
Neurology Study of neurons and nerve rings
Nosology Classification of diseases
Osteology Study of Skeletal system
Odontology Study of teeth
Organology Study of different organs
Ontogeny Study of various life-cycles
Ornithology Study of Birds
Ophiology Study of Snakes
Olericulture Study of cultivation of vegetables
Oncology Study of tumors
Physiology Study of process and function associated with life
Phylogeny Study of Evolutionary relationship among different groups of organisms
Palaeontology Study of fossils
Parasitology Study of parasites
Primatology Study of Primates
Protozeology Study of Protozoa
Pedology Study of different types of Soils
Phenomics Study of the physical and biochemical traits of organisms
Phenology Study of periodic plant and animal life cycle events
Pomology Study of Fruits
Psychobiology Study of behavioural aspects of animals
Phytogeography Study of plant distribution on the earth
Pharmocology Scientific study of drugs
Photobiology Study of interaction of light and living organisms
Protistology Study of Protists (Eukaryotic Microorganisms)
Paleobotany Study of distribution and characteristics of fossils
Radiology Study of effects of radiation on living being
Sarcology Study of muscles
Scotobiology Study of Biological effects of darkness
Sociobiology Study of the biological bases of sociology
Syndesmology Study of bone joints and ligaments
Serology Study of blood serum
Silviculture Study of cultivation of timber yielding plants
Splanchnology Study of internal organs
Tectology Study of structural organization of body
Trophology Study of Nutrition Science
Toxicology Study of poisons and method of treatment
Taxonomy Study of nomenclature and classification of organisms
Urology Study of urine and its diseases
Virology Study of viruses
Veterinary Science Study of Animal Medicine
Zoology Study of Animals


Indian Cities & Their Nick Names

City State Nickname/Nicknames
Agra Uttar Pradesh  Taj Nagari
Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Boston of India
  • Manchester of India
Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
  •  Abode of the God
  • Sangam City
  • City of Prime Ministers
Amritsar Punjab Golden City
Asansol West Bengal Land of Black Diamond
Bengaluru Karnataka
  • Electronic City of India
  • Garden City of India
  • Silicon Valley of India
  • Pensioners Paradise
  • Space City
  • Science city of India
  • IT Capital of India
Bhagalpur Bihar The Silk City of India
Bhopal Madhya Pradesh City of Lakes
Indore Madhya Pradesh Mini Mumbai
Bhubaneswar Odisha Temple City of India
Chandigarh Chandigarh The City Beautiful
Chennai Tamil Nadu
  • Gateway of South India
  • Detroit of Asia
  • Auto Hub of India
  • Health Capital of India
Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
  • Textile City of India
  • Manchester of South India
Coorg Karnataka Scotland of India
Darjeeling West Bengal The Queen of the Hills
Dhanbad Jharkhand The Coal Capital of India
Shillong Meghalaya Scotland of East
Dibrugarh Assam Tea City of India
Durgapur West Bengal Ruhr of India
Gandhinagar Gujarat Green city
Guwahati Assam Gateway of North East India
Nilgiri Tamil Nadu Blue Mountains
Hyderabad Telangana
  • City of Pearls
  • City of Nizams
  • World Capital of Biryani
  • HITECH City
Jaipur Rajasthan
  • Pink City
  • Paris of India
  • City of Palaces
Jaisalmer Rajasthan Golden City of India
Jamshedpur Jharkhand
  • Steel City of India
  • Pittsburgh of India
Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
  • Leather City of the World
  • Manchester of North India
Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir Switzerland of India
Kochi Kerala
  • Gateway to Kerala
  • Queen of the Arabian Sea
Kolkata West Bengal
  • City of Joy
  • City of Palaces
  • Cultural Capital of India
  • Gateway of Eastern India
  • Heaven of the Aged
Kolhapur Maharashtra City of Wrestlers
Kollam Kerala
  • Prince of Arabian sea
  • Cashew Capital of the World
  • Gateway to Backwaters
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
  • Shiraz-e-Hind
  • Constantinople of the East
  • The Golden City of India
  • City of Nawabs
Madurai Tamil Nadu
  • Athens of the East
  • City of Festivals
  • City of Four Junctions
  • Temple city
  • Sleepless City
Malda West Bengal Mango City
Mangalore Karnataka
  • Rome of the East
  • Cradle of Indian Banking
  • Gateway of Karnataka
Mumbai Maharashtra
  • City of Seven Islands
  • Financial Capital of India
  • Maya Nagari
  • City of Dreams
  • Gateway of India
  • Hollywood of India
  • Maximum City
Mundi Madhya Pradesh Power Hub City
Mussoorie Uttarakhand Queen of the Mountains
Mysore Karnataka
  • Heritage City
  • Green City
Nagpur Maharashtra Orange City
Nainital Uttarakhand City of Lakes
New Delhi Delhi City of Rallies
Patiala Punjab Royal City
Panipat Haryana
  • City of Weavers
  • City of Handloom
Pondicherry Puducherry Paris of the East
Prayag Uttar Pradesh Abode of the God
Pune Maharashtra Queen of Deccan
Purulia West Bengal Manbhum City
Rishikesh Uttrakhand
  • City of Sages
  • Yoga City
Siliguri West Bengal
  • Gateway to the Dooars
  • City of Hospitality
Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir City of lakes
Tezpur Assam City of Blood
Thane Maharashtra City of Lakes
Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu
  • Rock Fort City
  • Energy equipment and fabrication capital of India
  • Tucker Trichy
Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu
  • City of Paddy fields
  • Oxford city of South India
  • Halwa city of India
Udaipur Rajasthan
  • White City
  • City of Lakes
  • Venice of the East
Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
  • Spiritual capital of India
  • Religious capital of India
  • City of Lights
  • City of Temples
  • City of Learning
  • Oldest living city on Earth
  • Holy City
Jodhpur Rajasthan
  • Blue City
  • Sun City
Nasik Maharashtra
  • Wine capital of India
  • Grape city of India
  • California of India
Surat Gujarat
  • Diamond City Of India
  • City Of Diamonds
  • Textile city Of India
Vadodara Gujarat
  • Cultural City Of India
  • Sayaji Nagari
  • Banyan City
  • World Capital Of Garba
Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh City Of Destiny
Kakinada Andhra Pradesh
  • Pensioners Paradise
  • City of Kaja
Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh The Place of Victory
Bhimavaram Andhra Pradesh
  • Second Bardoli of India
  • City of Prawns
Rajahmundry Andhra Pradesh Cultural City
Guntur Andhra Pradesh City of Chillies
Vaniyambadi Tamil Nadu Leather city of South India
Warangal Telangana
  • City of Lakes
  • City of Temples
  • Second city of Nizam
Zunheboto Nagaland Land Of Warriors

Intelligence Agencies of the World

Intelligence Agencies


Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Pakistan
Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) United States of America
Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (KGB)/ Glavnoje Razvedyvatel’noje Upravlenije (GRU) Russia
Militärischer Nachrichtendienst Switzerland
Australian Security and Intelligence Organization Australia
Centro Intelligence Interforze (CII) Italy
Royal Intelligence Corps Malaysia
Mukhbarat Egypt
Central External Liaison Department China
Military Counterintelligence Service Germany
Sazamane Etelaat va Amniate Kechvar (SAVAK) Iran
Etterretningstjenesten Norway
Naicho Japan
Bureau of State Security (BOSS) South Africa
Canadian Security Intelligence Service Canada
Al Mukbharat Iraq
Direction General de Securite Exterieur (DGSE) France
Secret Intelligence Service United Kingdom
General Intelligence Presidency Saudi Arabia
Security and Intelligence Division Singapore

International Airports in India

Name of the Airport City State
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad Telangana
Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport Amristar Punjab
Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport Guwahati Assam
Biju Patnaik International Airport Bhubaneshwar Odisha
Gaya Airport Gaya Bihar
Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi Delhi
Veer Savarkar International Airport Port Blair Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport Ahmedabad Gujarat
Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru Karnataka
Mangalore Airport Mangalore Karnataka
Cochin International Airport Kochi Kerala
Calicut International Airport Kozhikode Kerala
Trivandrum International Airport Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
Raja Bhoj Airport Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport Indore Madhya Pradesh
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai Maharashtra
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport Nagpur Maharashtra
Pune Airport Pune Maharashtra
Zaruki International Airport Shillong Meghalaya
Jaipur International Airport Jaipur Rajasthan
Chennai International Airport Chennai Tamil Nadu
Civil Aerodrome Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
Tiruchirapalli International Airport Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu
Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport Kolkata West Bengal

National animal of Various Nations

Albania Eagle, Lion
ArmeniaEagle Dragon
Antigua and Barbuda Blue Whale
Angola Magnificent Frigatebird
Argentina Cougar
Australia Kangaroo,Emu
Bahamas Orca,Flamingo
Bangladesh Royal Bengal Tiger
Belarus Wisent,White Stork
Belgium Lion
Belize Baird’s Tapir
Bhutan Takin
Bolivia Llama
Botswana Zebra
Brazil Macaw,Jaguar
Bulgaria Lion
Cambodia Kouprey
Canada Beaver,Canadian Horse
ChileAndean Condor,Huemul
Colombia Condor
Costa Rica Clay-colored Thrush,White-tailed Deer
Congo (DRC) Okapi
China Chinese dragon,Crane, Giant Panda
Croatia Dalmatian
CubaCuban Crocodile
Denmark Mute Swan
Egypt Steppe Eagle
El Salvador Turquoise-browed Motmot
Estonia Barn Swallow
Ethiopia Abyssinian Lion
Finland Brown Bear
France Gallic rooster
Germany Black Eagle
Gibraltar Barbary Macaque
Greece Dolphin,Phoenix
Grenada Ostrich
Guatemala Quetzal
Guyana Canje Pheasant,Jaguar
Honduras White-tailed Deer
Hungary Turul
Iceland Falcon, Isle of ManManx
India The Royal Bengal Tiger
Ireland Stag
Iran Lion
Israel Israeli Gazelle
Italy Italian Wolf
Cote d’Ivoire Elephant
Jamaica Green-and-black Streamertail
Japan Green Pheasant,Koi
Jordan Camel
Kenya Cheetah,Elephant
Kiribati Magnificent Frigatebird
Latvia Atlantic Swordfish
Luxembourg Lion
Malta Blue Rock Thrush
Macedonia Lion,Sarplaninec,Lynx,Ohrid trout,Magpie
Madagascar Ring Tailed Lemur
Malaysia Tiger
Mauritius Dodo
Mexico Chihuahua
Moldova Aurochs
Namibia Oryx
Nauru Great Frigatebird
Nepal Cow
Netherlands Lion
New Caledonia Kagu
Nigeria Eagle
Nicaragua Turquoise-browed Motmot
North Korea Chollima
Norway Elk
New Zealand Kiwi,sheep,Tuatara
Pakistan Markhor
Palestine Palestine Sunbird
Panama Harpy Eagle
Papua New Guinea Birds of Paradise
Peru Vicuna
Philippines Carabao
Poland White-tailed Eagle,Wisent
Portugal Barcelos cock
Republic of China Formosan Black Bear
Romania Lynx
Russia Bear
Serbia Wolf
Saint Kitts and Nevis Vervet Monkey
Singapore Merlion,Crimson Sunbird
Somalia Leopard
South Africa Springbok,Elephant
South Korea Tiger
Spain Bull
Sri Lanka Lion
Sudan Secretary Bird
Sweden Moose
Thailand Thai elephant
Turkey Gray Wolf
Trinidad and Tobago Scarlet Ibis
Uganda Grey Crowned Crane
United Arab Emirates Falcon
United Kingdom Lion
United States Bald Eagle
Vietnam Water Buffalo
Venezuela Turpial
Zambia Hyena
Zimbabwe Sable Antelope

Parliaments of the World



India Sansad (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha)
Bangladesh Jatiya Sansad
Spain Cortes Generales
Pakistan National Assembly
Nepal Rashtriya Panchayat
Israel Knesset
Canada Parliament
Russia Duma and Federal Council
United States of America Congress (House of Representatives and Senate)
Germany Bundstag – Upper HouseBundesrat – Lower House
Maldives Mazlis
Bhutan Tshogdu
Australia Federal Parliament
Denmark Folketing
China National People’s Congress
Iran Majlis
Mynamar Pyithu Hluttaw
Japan Diet
France National Assembly
Norway Storting
Afghanistan Shora
Turkey Grand National Assembly