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Wildlife Vegeatations &animals

  • VIRGIN VEGETATION: Also known as “Endemic or Indigenous” species, refers to plant community which has, Grown naturally without human aid & has been undisturbed by human race.
  • BIOME: An ecosystem or land having distinct types of vegetation and animal life.
  • Factors affecting Vegetation Growth:
  • Land
  • Soli
  • Temperature
  • Photoperiod
  1. Tropical Evergreen Forest: 
  • Regions: Western Ghats, Island groups of Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar, Assam, Tamil Nadu.
  • Trees here Reach  upto height  of   60  meters, only  region  where  tree’s  remain  green  throughout the year.
  • Region is warm and wet.
  • Vegetation covered: Ebony, Mahogany, Rosewood, Rubber, and Cinchona.
  • Species found: elephants, monkey, lemur and deer,

One horned   Rhinoceros, birds, bats, sloth, Scorpions, snails.

  1. B) Tropical Deciduous Forests:
  • Known as “Monsoon forests”.
  • Found in: Rainfall prone area, (200-270 cm)

Sub-categorized as:

  • Moist & dry deciduous forests.

Moist deciduous  forest:

  • Regions: having Rainfall upto( 200&100 cm)
  • Areas: North-Eastern States, Himalayan regions, Jharkhand, Western Orissa,
  • Vegetation Covered: Teak, Bamboos, Sal, Shisham, sandalwood, Khair, Kusum, Arjun, and Mulberry.

Dry- deciduous Forest:

  • Regions: (100&70 cm) prone rainfall area, peninsular plateau, Plains of Bihar & U.P
  • Vegetation Found: Teak, Sal, Peepal, Neem growth.
  • Species: Lion, Tiger, Deer, Pig, deer, Elephant, birds, Lizards, Snakes. Tortoise.
  1. C) Tropical Thorn Forests & Scrubs:
  • Regions: Rainfall Scanty area, (< 70 cm ), North-West Parts of country, semi-arid places, Gujarat,  Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh, U.P, Haryana.
  • Vegetation Found; Acacias, Palms, Euphorbias, Cacti.
  • Species: Rats, Mice, Rabbit, Fox, Wolf, Tiger, Lion, Wild Ass, Horses, and Camels.
  1. d) Montane Forests:
  • Regions: Mountainous Regions, J&K, Himachal Pradesh
  • For Regions having height above 1000 metres;                     Vegetation Found :  Oak, Chest –Nut.
  • For Regions having height above 1500 meters, Vegetation Found: Pine, Deodar, Silver Fir, Spruce, and Cedar.
  • For Regions having height 3600 ms: Mainly Alpine Vegetation is found; Silver-fir, Junipers, pines, Birches.
  • For Regions having height above 13600 meters,

Vegetation Found:  Mosses, Lichens.

  • Species found in Montane Forest: Kashmir Stag, Spotted Deer, wild Sheep, Jack, Rabbit, Antelope, Yak, Snow- leopard, Squirrels, Shaggy  Horn Wild- Libex . Goats.
  1. e) Mangrove Forests:
  • Regions: Generally found in areas of Coastal Plains where Silting & Mud get accumulated, Deltas of Ganga, Mahanadi, Krishna, Godavari, Kaveri.

Vegetation covered:  Palm, Coconut, Keora, Agar, Hand – timber.

  • Species: Royal Bengal Tiger, Turtle, Crocodile, Gharials, Snakes.
  • Important Point to note about Mangrove Forests: Dense Mangrove are common varieties with roots submerged under root.

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