Computer Questions for RRB Assistant Mains

MS Power Point Questions

1. What is another name for a shared network?
a) Modem
b) LAN
c) Hub
d) Switch

2. Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End are keyboard shortcuts that move to the beginning or end of the presentation in the _______________
a) Insert view
b) Outline view
c) Slide Sorter view
d) None of these

3. ________________such as AT&T, NCI, Sprint, BBN, and UUNET maintain the Internet backbone

a) Network service providers
b) Cyberspace companies
c) Communications companies
d) Telephone companies

4. Optimized for dial-up connections over noisy telephone lines, the oldest packet-switching protocol for WAN usage, called __________, is still widely used
a) Internet
b) X.25
c) Ethernet
d) Cat-6

5. What term is used to describe two or more computers that are linked to each other?
a) Computer network
b) Computer system
c) Bus network
d) Star connection

6. __________ broadcast radio waves that can be picked up by anyone using the correct configuration.
a) Campus area networks (CAN)
b) Local area networks (LAN)
c) Wireless networks
d) Campus area networks (CAN)

7. Which of the following can be printed in support of a PowerPoint presentation?
a) Notes
b) An outline
c) Audience handouts
d) All of these

8. A USB communication device that supports data encryption for secure wireless communication for _____________
a) local area network (LAN)
b) metropolitan area network (MAN)
c) wide area network (WAN)
d) campus area network (CAN)

9. Documents of the Web that are transported over the Internet are called _________________
a) Web pages
b) Web links
c) Web browsers
d) None of these

10. Which of the following is not described as a typical network classification?

a) Wide area network
b) Metropolitan area network
c) County area network
d) Local area network