Fill in the blanks English Questions for SSC CGL Tier-II | English Questions

Cloze Test Practice Questions

Fill in the blanks English Questions for SSC CGL Tier-II | English Questions

Directions (1-15): In the following question, sentences are given with blanks to be filed in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four as your answer.

Q1. Many women in developing countries experience a cycle of poor health that __________ before they are born.
(a) originates
(b) derives
(c) begins
(d) establishes
S1. Ans.(c)
Sol. Here, begins is the right usage.
Originate: to happen or appear for the first time in a particular place or situation.

Q2. Radium __________ rays that blind the eyes.
(a) gives away
(b) gives over
(c) gives up
(d) gives off
S2. Ans.(d)
Sol. give off: to produce something such as a smell, heat, light etc.
give away: to tell information or facts that you should keep secret
give over: to tell somebody to stop doing something
give up: to stop trying to do something.
Hence, ‘gives off’ is the right option.

Q3. The three brothers formed a little __________ within the family.
(a) party
(b) camp
(c) coterie
(d) band
S3. Ans.(c)
Sol. Coterie: a small group of people who have the same interests and do things together but do not like to include others. Hence, coterie is the right usage.

Q4. She heard the __________ of the hinges.
(a) ratting
(b) rustling
(c) crashing
(d) creaking
S4. Ans.(d)
Sol. creaking: a sound that is sometimes made by a door when it opens or shuts.
crashing: a loud noise made by something falling or breaking
rattling: a series of short loud sounds eg. rattling cups and saucers in kitchen.
rustling: soft rustling of leaves.
Hence, creaking is the right usage.

Q5. That car is throwing __________ a lot of smoke.
(a) out
(b) up
(c) away
(d) in
S5. Ans.(a)
Sol. Throw out: to produce smoke, heat, light etc.
Hence, ‘Throw out’ is the right usage.

Q6. We must __________ help to the people hit by the cyclone.
(a) contribute
(b) summon
(c) impart
(d) render
S6. Ans.(d)
Sol. render: to give help to somebody.
Hence, render is the right usage.

Q7. When a person among the audience asked whether it would be October 20, the actor __________ he would decide the year.
(a) commended
(b) quipped
(c) discorded
(d) complimented
S7. Ans.(b)
Sol. Quip: to make a clever or witty remark or comment; a sharp, sarcastic remark.

Q8. The centre has its policies for the agriculture sector, under which we provide interest __________ and other support.
(a) subvention
(b) repudiation
(c) disinclination
(d) alliance
S8. Ans.(a)
Sol. Subvention: a grant of money, as by a government or some other authority; in aid or support of some institution or undertaking.

Q9. The company decided to __________ the old policies, in order to increase its revenue.
(a) rope in
(b) tweak
(c) damage
(d) dictate
S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. Tweak: A fine adjustment to a mechanism or system.
Rope in: To persuade, entice or enlist someone to do or participate in something.

Q10. New Year’s resolutions typically include the __________ of alcohol.
(a) repudiation
(b) dissuade
(c) exigency
(d) urgency
S10. Ans.(a)
Sol. Repudiate: Refuse to accept.
Exigency: An urgent need or demand/something that is necessary in a particular situation.

Q11. That author writes with __________ about his experiences.
(a) stupefaction
(b) penury
(c) candour
(d) consortium
S11. Ans.(c)
Sol. Candour: The quality of being open and honest.
Penury: The state of being very poor.
Stupefaction: The state of being stupefied or stunned.

Q12. The police were called to the party when John’s drunken __________ became violent.
(a) caper
(b) appellation
(c) sapience
(d) wisdom
S12. Ans.(a)
Sol. Caper: An illicit/ridiculous activity or escapade.
Appellation: A name or title.

Q13. In earlier times, Kings used to __________ their Kingdom in disguise.
(a) neglect
(b) stroll
(c) ensue
(d) sculpt
S13. Ans.(b)
Sol. Stroll: walk in a leisurely way.

Q14. The batsman __________ his career in a splendid way.
(a) terse
(b) set off
(c) supersede
(d) set down
S14. Ans.(b)
Sol. Set off: Begin a journey.

Q15. That place is an __________ of multicultural Britain.
(a) efface
(b) exemplar
(c) extempore
(d) implicit
S15. Ans.(b)
Sol. Exemplar: A thing serving as a typical or implicit example; appropriate model.

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