High Level Puzzle Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains, Syndicate Bank Exam

High Level Puzzle Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains, Syndicate Bank Exam

Directions (1-5):
A) Six friends Rahul,kabeer,anup,raghu,amit and alok were engineering graduates.All six of them were placed in six different companies and were posted in six different locations,namely Tisco-Jamshedpur, Telco-Pune, Wipro-Bangalore, HCL-Noida, Mecon-Ranchi and Usha martin-Kolkata.Each of them has their personal email id’s with different email providers i.e.,gmail, indiatimes, rediffmail,yahoo,hotmail,sancharnet,though not necessarily in the same order.
B) The one having email account with Sancharnet works in Noida and the one having email account with indiatimes works for Tisco.
C) Amit does not stay in Bangalore and does not work for Mecon,the one works for Mecon has an email id with Gmail.
D) Rahul has an email id with Rediffmail and works at Pune.
E) Alok does not work for Mecon and the one who works for Wipro does not have an email account with Yahoo.
F) Kabeer is posted in Kolkata,and does not have an account with Hotmail.
G) Neither Alok nor Raghu work in Noida. H)The one who is posted in ranchi has an email id which is not an account of Rediffmail or Hotmail. I)Anup is posted in Jamshedpur.

1. The man who works in Wipro has an email account with?
India times
none of these

2. Which of the following email-place of posting – person combination is correct?
none of these

3. Which of the following is true?
Amit is posted at ranchi
Raghu is posted at Jamshedpur
Kabeer has an email id with Yahoo
Rahul has an email id with indiatimes
none of these

4. Which of the following sequences of location represent Alok,kabeer,anup,rahul,raghu and amit in the same order?
none of these

5. People who have an email account with indiatimes,sancharnet and yahoo work for which companies,in the same sequence as the email accounts mentioned?
usha martin,HCL,Wipro
Tisco,wipro,usha martin
none of these

Directions (6-8):
A) Five girls- Seema,Reema,Neeta,Mona and Veena have total five tickets at movie theatres-Priya,Chanakya,M2K,PVR Saket,Satyam where movies-Gangster,Khiladi,Hero,Saalaam Namaste and Iqbal are currently playing.Each girl has one movie ticket of one of the five theatres.
B) The movie Gangster is running in Priya theatre whose ticket is not with with Veena and Seema.
C) Mona had ticket of Iqbal movie.
D) Neeta had ticket for the M2K theatre.Veena has the ticket of Satyam theatre where Khiladi is not running.
E) In PVR Saket theatre Saalaam Namaste is running.

6. Which is the correct combination of the theatre-girl-movie?
PVR Saket-Seema-Saalaam Namaste
none of these

7. Which movie is running at Chanakya?
Data inadequate

8. Who has the ticket for the movie Hero?
none of these

Directions (9-10): Seven people A,B,C,D,E,F,G plan to enjoy boating.There are only two boats,and the following conditions are to kept in mind.
1) A will go in the same boat in which E is to go.
2) F cannot go in the same boat in which C is,unless D is also accompanying.
3) Neither B nor C can be given the boat in which G is.
4) The maximum number of persons in one boat can be four only.

9. If F and B are in one boat,which of the following statement is true?
G is in the other boat
D is in the other boat
C is in the other boat
E is with F and B in one boat

10. If E gets the boat with F,which of the following is complete and accurate list of the people who must be sitting in the other boat?
F and E
G and A
D and A
C,D and B

High Level Puzzle Questions Answers:

1. e
2. d
3. c
4. e
5. d
6. d
7. b
8. b
9. a
10. d

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