Formula 1 Live: Daniel Ricciardo wins Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2017

Daniel Ricciardo wins Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2017. Valtteri Bottas steals second on the line from Stroll. Vettel, in fourth, is still a place ahead of Hamilton. 2017 Results DATE RACE WINNER POLE WINNER Sun, Mar 26 Australian […]

Most Repeated General Intelligence Questions Asked in SSC CGL (Last 5 Years)

Dear readers, In this post, we are sharing a list of 50 most repetitive questions from general intelligence and reasoning, which has come in last five years. They all are given with complete explanations. Q1. […]

Sitting Arrangement Questions (Hindi)

Q 1. एक पार्टी में आठ मित्र हैं जिसमें चार लड़के और शेष चार लड़कियां हैं, लड़कियों में इला, इशिता, चित्रा और दिव्या हैं और लड़कों में बादल, हितेश, फारुक और गणेश हैं| इन आठ […]